Friday, October 22, 2010

Just a few things I am going to pick up on my way home from work today... least a girl can dream, right?

Yes, I would like to curl up in this chair with a pretty pillow, a cozy throw, and a good gossip magazine.

Preferably this pretty pillow and this cozy throw...
And who doesn't need these cute little spice jars?

I know I definitely do!

I believe this table belongs next to my cute new chair that my good gossip magazine will rest on...

along with this adorable book...
I really can't resist this book full of photographs of two pups named Luna and Lola.
I think I will name my next puppy Luna.
How cute is that?

Yellow makes me happy. Therefore, these towels make me happy.
And who doesn't want something that makes them happy?

And for these old fashioned alphabet blocks...
these will be for the munchkin that I will eventually have and love.


The Richards Family said...

Just do it! Buy it cute!!

Jenny said...

Kathy you are just the Cutest! I love love that chair. and yellow is my favorite color. can you send me your email so i can invite you to my blog? mine is

Chris and Emily Evans said...

I love them all. I wish I had good taste like you Kath.

Rutter Family said...

Love it ALL! ;)