Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Some Fun...
Here are a few more pics from our fun summer. In August, the Giauque clan (minus Boo, Steve, Stevie, and Mitchell) took a hike up to Twin Lakes Pass at Brighton. It was a beautiful morning, but it ended up raining and hailing on our parade. All of the kids were rock stars climbing up the mountain and weren't deterred by the turbulent weather.

Cozying up during the rain storm

Just a few of our nieces and nephews getting ready for the hike
Tessa being her cute self
Alli and Ellie

Avery, now that's a rock star!
Hunter preferred being toted up the hill
As you can see, he wasn't ashamed
Sweet Roman

Emory and Alli enjoying a cool dip in the lake
Grandpa, Joshy, and Avery taking time out to fish

"Say Cheese!"
These pics are from a hike we took up to Long Lake in the Uintas. We went with our friends Scott and Carlie and their dogs Bodie and Tasha.
Our little fam... Josh, Bailey, and Kathy
Scott, Carlie, and Tasha (I think Bodie was running off with Bailey during this pic)
The puppy just being the Pupsa Brown

Josh and his best friend Bailey


Joel and Angie said...

I need a copy of the kids picture on the tree trunk, how cute is that. I also need one of Tessa, what a diva! Good luck babysitting this week. Let me know if you need any help.

TheDrages said...

Where's the picture of Andrew swimming......naked?!?!?