Sunday, September 7, 2008

Alaska, Lake Powell, and Flaming Gorge, OH MY!
Alaska '08
Josh was able to go on a fishing trip to Alaska this summer with his dad, brother, and some of his extended family. He had been in years past and always loved it. They fish all day and late into the night. We now have a freezer full of salmon since Josh is such a great fisherman.
Josh with a red salmon catch
The float plane they took on a fly out to go fishing
Josh and his fishing posse
Lake Powell '08
While Josh was in Alaska, I wasn't about to sit and wallow in my own self-pity. Instead, I took a trip down to Lake Powell with my sister Becky. We met my brother and my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Kristie and their friends down there. My brother proposed to Kristie while we were in Lake Powell which was excellent! I am glad I was there for it.
Awesome view

I wasn't the best at steering the paddle boat. As I was posing for the picture, Becky was yelling, "Kathy, watch out for that tree!"
-Sisters- Kath and Bex

Kristie checking out the amazing landscape
Scott proposing to Kristie. They took a hike just up from the houseboat so we were able to take some pics of them.

Scott and Kristie (the cute and very happy newly engaged couple)
Flaming Gorge '08
Josh and I go to Flaming Gorge every year with our good friends Scott and Carlie. We camp out and boat all day long. The first day it was perfect weather, but the others were not so great. The weather there is always a little iffy, but we love to go anyway. The scenery is breathtaking.
Scott acid dropping on the wakeskate (not in the drug sort of way you may be thinking)
Josh fishing
Me being a pro fisher girl

Scott and Josh
One of our many lizard friends
Josh sitting and riding on the wakesurf
Josh bodyboarding on the wakesurf
Josh kneeboarding on the wakesurf (so many ways to ride on this thing, who knew?)
Josh wakeboarding

Scott and Carlie climbing up to the rope swing


jukebox6 said...

Isn't it sad to see summer come to an end. Fun photos.

Chelsea said...

Um, SO fun. Why weren't we invited? Just kidding. Are you guys going to come out and visit soon? I hope so, otherwise we will have to get ourselves out to Utah to see you and Pupsa Brown.