Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in the Sun
We had a fabulous time in California this July. We spent our time playing at the beach, eating yummy Surfin' Donuts, and going to plenty of baseball games. My nephew Matthew loved his first beach experience and all of the baseball games. It was perfect weather the whole time, and it makes me wish I lived there in the summer and here in the winter. Maybe someday, I guess.


Chelsea said...

Looks like Cali was a blast...we're jealous! We miss you guys tons and hope we see you soon. I think we're going to try to come back to SLC around Christmas, but you should definitely plan a fall visit to DC. You are always, always, always welcome at Chez Hedquist. We love you guys and the Pupsa Brown, too!

jukebox6 said...

Let us know when you guys set up your ski and surf shop! Or how about traveling and tourism? Love your pictures of California.