Thursday, October 30, 2008

Husband Tag

1.) Where Did You Meet Your Husband?

I met him teaching skiing at Solitude during the winter of '01-'02.

2.) How Long Did You Date Before You Married?

About 2 years, and we were good friends for 2 years before that.

3.) How Long Have You Been Married?

Three years as of October 4th.

4.) What Does He Do That Surprises You?

He likes to try out new recipes and cook for me.

5.) What Is Your Favorite Feature of His?

Definitely his webbed feet. So sexy.

6.) What Is Your Favorite Quality He Possesses?

His love for children, and his ability to relate to them.

7.) Does He Have a Nickname For You?

He has many, but I am not sure I can post them. They are definitely not G-rated.

8.) What Is His Favorite Food?

Seafood, and he loves to catch it himself.

9.) What Is His Favorite Sport?

He loves to snowboard and wakeboard, and he loves to watch basketball.

10.) When & Where Was Your First Kiss?

May of '03, down in St. George.

11.) What Is Your Favorite Thing to Do as a Couple?

Pup around with the Pupsa Brown. Ski and snowboard.

12.) Do You Have Any Children?

No, but we treat our golden retriever, Bailey, as our child.

13.) Does He Have Any Hidden Talents?

He is an awesome artist.

14.) How Old is He?


15.) Who Said "I Love You" First?

He did, of course. I am definitely not one to gush my feelings. It took me a few weeks after he said it for me to say it to him. He is the only person I have fallen in love with.

16.) What Is His Favorite Music?

He likes musicians that are actually talented.

i.e. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, get the picture.

17.) What Do You Admire Most About Him?

His creativity.

18.) What Is His Favorite Color?

I would say green, but when I asked him, he asked me, "Do adults have favorite colors?" I guess it is a girl thing.

19.) Will He Read This?

One day when he is bored. Maybe. Actually, I will probably make him read it later today.

20.) Who Do You Tag Next?

I tag Lisa, Chelsea, Angie, and Beth. It is completely optional, considering how busy you all are.


Missy and Jake said...

If having a faorite color is a girl thing then I guess My husband is pretty girly-he tells me all the time that his favorite color is yelloe-oh and come to think of it-I know alot of guys favorite colors-tell josh to get a favorite color, he's missing out!

jukebox6 said...

It is fun to hear more about Josh. We love his artwork and want to see more of it. He is a natural. Thanks for the tag.

Osborne Family said...

K i did it take a look.