Monday, September 14, 2009


My brother Scott and sister-in-law Kristie were married on July 31, 2009 in Kauai, Hawaii. We were all able to go to their wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful. We started our vacation in Kauai and ended up in Oahu. It was a great time! Don't worry, there is only about a billion pictures!

My sister-in-law Brandy and my nephew Matthew on the airplane excited to get out of Utah for a fun vacation.

Matthew cheesing it up with me

Josh and Matthew playing the Nintendo DS while waiting for the puddle-jumper plane, and Bex and Matthew checking out our puddle-jumper plane

If you couldn't tell already... Matthew is a big fan of Josh!

My mom, Brandy, Matthew, and me at Wailua Falls in Kauai

Brandy and Tub Tubs, and Tub Tubs and me. I must have taken Tubs on the waterslides a million times while we were in Kauai.

Another shot of the two buddies

This is Kipu falls in Kauai. If you look in the upper right you can see Josh jumping out from the top of the tree, and then I am jumping off the rope swing. It was awesome!

Scott and Kristie's Rehearsal Dinner
Scotty's BBQ * Kauai, Hawaii

The happy couple, Scott and Kristie at their rehearsal
dinner the night before the wedding.

Me, my gorgeous mom Carole, and my sis Bex

Scott, me, and Kristie

John and Josh before the wedding. Josh loves pictures...can't you tell?

Scott and Kristie's Wedding
Kauai, Hawaii

Me and the Groom right before he tied the knot. Brandy, Matthew and my brother Dave.

Kristie was a beautiful bride!

My brother Dave walked Becky and me down the aisle, and Matthew was such a cute flower boy.

Matthew being a weirdo, like usual. Ha!

Tubs loved feeding the fish every morning at the resort.

John, Becky, Josh, and I hiked part of the Na Pali coast in Kauai. It was called the Kalalau trail. It was a hike of death. Note to self...bring more than one protein bar for 4 people when you are hiking 8 miles. Great scenery though.

We finally had made it to Hanakapi'ai Falls off the Kalalau trail. There were many signs that warned...DO NOT SWIM UNDER WATERFALL. Well, Josh didn't mind and was nearly struck by a rock that fell from at least four hundred feet above. Close call!

Oahu, Hawaii

Josh and me at the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor

Josh and me at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Best Buddies once again.

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Rutter Family said...

what an awesome trip. i am hoping when my SIL gets married she'll get married in Hawaii, ha! you are so cute, hope all is well. good luck with the new job, how exciting!!!!