Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We had a great time in San Clemente enjoying the beach and the sun. My family was able to enjoy a couple Dodger's games and a Padres game. It was unfortunate the Angels were out of town, but the other games were sufficient. Josh got to spend two whole days in geek world (Blizz Con) at the Anaheim Convention Center, and he loved every minute of it.

Josh and I at a Dodger's game. They were playing the Cardinals and sadly lost.

This is a classy, belligerent Dodger fan getting hauled away by security. Yes, a puddle of blood was on the ground after they threw him down and handcuffed him. Very exciting!

Tub Tubs on the beach playing football. What a ham!

Tubs playing on the beach with his hero Josh.

Blizz Con 2009

This was, by far, Josh's favorite part of the trip. Hanging out with tons of World of Warcraft fans and smelling the sweet scent of body odor all over. Got to love the nerds!

Oh, so many nerds!

People came dressed up as their favorite video game characters. Oh Boy!

This little girl is already addicted to video games. Poor girl.

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