Sunday, September 20, 2009

*Cabin Fever*

This past weekend, Josh and I were able to go up to our brother-in-law Andrew's cabin near Smith and Morehouse. We made delicious s'mores with Reese's (as you can tell, a new favorite of mine), and we went four-wheeling. It was fabulous weather, and the leaves on the trees were awesome with their brilliant color. The drive up Parley's was absolutely beautiful, and I highly recommend you take the drive up if you have a free afternoon. I love this time of year!

Josh and I in front of the campfire.

Josh and Andrew

Josh and I hanging out on the four-wheeler.

Jessica and Andrew

Just enjoying the view

A herd of cows during our ride. We saw tons of them.


The Richards Family said...

Oh so much fun! You guys have done so many fun things this summer. Jealous!

Joel and Angie said...

Glad to see you could get away one more time before the real work begins! Good luck with the new jobs!