Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend O' Fun
On Saturday, Josh and I went to one of my friend's wedding and went to the Jazz game after. It was a great game, and the Jazz won. It is so our year! On Sunday, my family got together for dinner, and I got some quality time in with Tub Tubs (my nephew Matthew). He is so cute. After dinner, we went to the Giauque's for Emo's welcome home party. She had been working on a cruise for the last 7 months or so.
Josh and I before the Jazz game.

Bailey and Matthew are best friends. They always hang out and chew on socks, growl, and play tug-of-war with eachother's toys, you know, the usual.
Gotta love his baby blues.
Emo and her boyfriend Chris. They were super excited to see eachother, because it had been over two years.

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JENN ROCKS said...

hey this jenny metcalf from highschool. you are BEAUTIFUL. you always made me laugh. thanks for the friendship!!!
love jenny