Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Season, Another Picnic
Another season of teaching skiing has gone by, and another end-of-the-season picnic is over too. Every year the picnic is the same thing. Huge sub sandwiches that I attempt to eat every year, but every year my mouth is too small and can't bite into the massiveness. Awesome prizes that are raffled off, such as 37 inch lcd hdtv's, playstation 3's, ipod's, you get the drift, but after 6 years, I still have nothing to show for it. Anyway, this year, I decided I would bring the pupsa brown to entertain me, since I wouldn't be able to eat, and I wouldn't win any prizes. Bailey made new friends and was definitely the belle of the ball!
Bailey had a hard time actually staying still long enough for me to snap a picture. Her tail will be all you will see at the bottom of the frame of some of the pictures. They make for great action shots.

Why are dogs so obsessed with sniffing butts? And yes, that is the end of Bailey's tail in the last picture. She is so fast.


Osborne Family said...

Looks like Bailey has alot of little friends. Koa would have a blast with her... we should do that for sure.

The Greenwood's said...

Hey Kathy looks like your dog is pretty popular! My dog is so obsessede with butt sniffing it is hilarious

Chelsea said...

Oh fun, Solitude picnic. Wish we could have been there, but then Kip would have been the center of of attention instead of Pupsa Brown, ha ha. We miss you guys!