Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Victoria LaVelle Todd White Davis 6/28/1919 ~ 1/17/2008

Yesterday, we spent the day celebrating the life of Josh's grandma. We love her and are missing her greatly. It was a peaceful, snowy day and a beautiful funeral service.


Jed and Sabrina said...

Hey, I found ya!
sorry about josh's gma, thats never easy.
lets definately keep in touch, good to see you sunday

Chelsea said...

You guys and your family are in thoughts. We miss you tons. It was so fun being back in the same city and getting to spend lots of time together. Come visit us soon, please =)

WILSON said...

Hello my little chick-a-dee! I am so happy to see your face. I'm new to this whole blogging stuff, so don't laugh if mine is retarded. We need to get together soon with the Bellerz!
Love Sis

(Sorry about Josh's Grandma, by the way.)

WILSON said...

No, I'm thinking Mr. Kitty is going to be more like Scooter. He's laid back and loves to cuddle. He's not into biting, but he does have really sweet vampire teeth. You need to meet him. (Komet is flipping you off from her final resting place.)