Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bailey is currently in her second heat. In order to keep things clean around the house, we put Bailey in some underoos. Every time I look at her I can't help but laugh. She is quite the sexy doggy, don't ya think?

I know she is probably embarrassed about this whole thing, and this last picture pretty much sums up just how she really feels.
You know she is looking at those undies thinking, "What the heck is that? Oh no, this will destroy my social life forever!" Poor, poor Pupsa Brown.


The Green's said...

I love the undies! How funny! Will you email me the address you use to log into your blog so I can add you to our viewers? My email address is

Cortland & Karisa Wilson said...

3 Things: 1.) My dogs have those same food dishes! Nice taste. ;)
2.)Bailey is so sexy, and George needs to see her in her undies. 3.) Never again can you make fun of me for the embarrassing things I subject my pups to. These pictures are proof that you are just as bad as me.

Chelsea said...

I love Pupsa Brown, though she is mildly ridiculous in those sexy little panties. Oh well, it's all for the good cause of getting a litter of mini-Pupsa Browns down the road! We you guys SO MUCH! Are you coming to visit soon? I hope so! I'm glad you're getting good snow. Too bad I've got this piece of crap knee and couldn't enjoy it anhow. Boo. The Kipper sends his love =)

Heather-joy said...

Kathy I love the last picture, how great is it that she's looking at the under-roos. It looks like it was done in photoshop. I'm jealous you have a dog, and a cute one at that.