Monday, March 14, 2011

As for the bedding and paint...


Yes, I have put my very talented (and did I mention awesome?) mom up to the challenge of making the bedding and pillows for the nursery.
I am so excited about the bright, fun fabrics that are going into it.
The pink fabric is for a few accents, because I figured...what little girls nursery is complete without a splash of pink?
I love the neutral and calming paint color for the walls, and the yellow paint is for an old dresser that I am refinishing. The same dresser was actually in my nursery when I was a baby.

I can't wait until this all comes together and *hopefully* the vision in my head will come to life!

Wish me (and my mom) luck!


Rutter Family said...

I love all the paints and fabrics!

Grandmas make the BEST nursery bedding...that's what they are made to do ;0) will turn out awesome, can't wait to see it!!!

Meg said...

just perfect for your little cutie. can't wait to see it all together...and now i'm really wanting that cute jogger your registered for! it's going to be awesome. love ya, kath. it's so fun being pregnant at the same time :)

Osborne Family said...

Oh those are way cute colors. Your little girly is going to be styling! Of course she will, her mommy is already styling all the time. I'm way excited for ya Kath!