Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Day
We hope everyone had an awesome holiday season. I am sad it is over, but ready for a new year! We wish you all a happy new year!
Bailey cheesing it up for the camera

My nephew Matthew

Bailey was hating her Christmas cheer hat and collar, while Matthew was getting ready to open presents.

Aunt Becky giving Tub Tubs a baby massage.


Missy and Jake said...

I love that your dog has a christmas outfit!Ps-thanks for taking such fantastic pictures at the christmas party! We really enjoyed looking at them!

jukebox6 said...

Cute, cute picture of Bailey. I can't wait until her new friend arrives. We have four names: Chris wants Molly, I want Libby, Ellie wants Lucy, and Jacob wants Sophie. How do we decide? P.S. I also like your music. Thanks for the good tunes.