Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's about time...
Things have been pretty busy around our neck of the woods, but I am finally posting some pics from the last couple months. Josh and I were able to go to the Coldplay concert a few weeks ago with my sister, brother, and his wife. It was awesome. I had a grand old time totally getting my groove on to the sweet music.
This is a picture of when Coldplay came into the audience and played a few songs. They were just a section over and a few rows up from us. I loved it.
Me and my sis Becky
Josh being his happy, photogenic self.
The band rocking out like they should be!
This was toward the end of the concert when they released billions and billions of paper butterflies into the audience. Quite the concert, I do have to admit.

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Rutter Family said...

Dang that concert was so SWEET. Went to it down here in Dallas with some buddies 3 days before they played in SLC. I heard that he said that the Delta Center was crawling with "hottie babes" FUNNY.