Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The past few days have been filled with snow shoveling and parties with friends and family. All of this has helped get me in the Christmas spirit. I love this time of year, and the fun times I am able to spend with the greatest people.
Josh was out shoveling the snow and Tub Tubs wanted to help. He looks so cute in his snow gear.

White Family Christmas Party (Josh's mom's side of the family)

Kathy and Avery

Josh eating his ice cream bar. Tessa was begging for it, so he gave in and handed it to her.

This was the result of Josh giving her his ice cream sandwich. She thoroughly enjoyed the yummy treat.

This is Tessa with Santa (Josh's dad Kent) The little kids were quite frightened of the jolly old man.

Annual Awesome Christmas Sweater Party
Josh, Kathy, Becky

Carson, Jentry, and Amanda enjoying white elephant gifts.

Jentry got this fabulous exercise bike

Rich was excited to receive this huge cat book. He loves cats!

Garred got this cool suitcase from Dave, and guess what was inside.

It was this beautiful rollerblading outfit and gear.

Dave was most surprised to see a live lobster in the box he opened.

MMM Tasty

Dave looking hot as usual

Old man Josh

Garred Grooving

They are a really cute couple I do have to admit.

I just had to get a picture with Dave and his meat tree creation.

Generations of meat tree makers

Another cute couple. Dave was definitely the most popular man of the night.

Enjoy this video of Dave, Rich, and Jentry dancing to Last Christmas by Wham. One of my favorite Christmas songs for sure. Please excuse the terrible singing in the background and the video of Dave's butt. I guess I just could not resist.

Have a great holiday!

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The Richards Family said...

Ok i love how you made your Christmas outfit so stylish! And what is yeah dave wearing. he seriously is so funny. Looks like you guys had so much fun!