Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunny Arizona!
Last week I was able to go down to Phoenix with my fam, except Josh :( . We went to relax, visit my brother that lives there, and go to baseball games. The D-backs were playing the Dodgers. Unfortunately, the Dodgers lost both games we attended, even the one on my birthday. So Sad! On the trip, I enjoyed the beautiful weather and spending time with my nephew Matthew. I also spent time with my cousin Missy and Aunt Lori that I don't have the pleasure of seeing as often as I would like. This trip also consisted of many firsts for Matthew.
This was Matthew's first airplane ride
This was Matthew's first swim
My birthday celebration April 7

The fam ready to cheer for the Dodgers. Little did we know they would let us down two nights in a row.

Matthew's first major league baseball game
Matthew's reaction to the Dodgers sucking it up. It really was painful to watch!
My brother Scott's cute doggy Java. He is so sweet!


Karisa & Cort said...

Oh what a cute Nelson family!! You should hook Bailey up with Java! They would like each other, and then Bailey would be fulfilled in life. ;)

Osborne Family said...

Looks like you are playing as hard as ever... I finally have time to play now. I do have a job, so hopefully I passed everything. I still wont find out my scores for a few more weeks. It takes about six. I agree need to get together, let me know. Oh, by the way Bailey is way cute. Koa would like to play with her.

The Theler's said...

YOu look soo happy! We need to ge together some time soon. I want to hear all about Europe. Love ya anj

Missy&Jake said...

Kathy, looks like you guys had a super fun time! It was good seeing you both while we were in town! Email me if you decide you want a swim suit-I can ship it right to you, let me